168 Design & Construction Co.,Ltd.

168 Design & Construction Co.,Ltd. ( 168 DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION ) Conducting business in the field of integrated construction From structural design, architecture work, interior design system to landscape adjustment by a team of experts, we are service providers in the design and construction, therefore we will consider your needs as well as beauty and use together. That’s right By staying in control of your budget Happy to advise on all types of construction.

Company vision

We will be a leading company in the country that is recognized as a specialist in the design, construction of both small and large projects in full With professional service Using modern technology To meet the needs of the most customers


  • Performed by expert work since the structural design Architectural work, system work, interior design to landscape adjustment
  • Create high quality work Taking into account the benefits And the highest satisfaction of customers
  • Discipline and delivering quality work before the date specified by the customer
  • Expand organization into new areas In customer service
  • Focus on safety, speed and beauty in every Work done
  • Invest in technology development and construction innovation
  • Create good return for shareholders. And have continuously expanded the business to grow
  • Be a part of management and give advice on marketing planning for clients’ businesses.
  • Conduct business on the basis of fairness. Like customers are important people in the family
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